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Core Subject Teachers
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Core Subject Teachers.

There are 11 core subject teaching positions that are at risk. Core subjects include k-12, history, math, English, and science. By donating to this campaign, you will be supporting the core teaching positions we might lose by May 12, 2020.

These teachers are at each school and are a vital part of our students' educational journey. They focus on the core subjects and classroom learning that all students receive while in their tenure at San Marino Unified School District. Will you help make sure that we don't lose these 11 positions by donating to this campaign?

Through our grant review process, the Foundation ensures the distribution of funds to SMUSD is consistent with our fundraising requests to the community.  The grant submission and approval by our trustees will be available to all donors to ensure full transparency and accountability.  

Only the SMUSD Board of Education and District Administration have the authority to make decisions on which specific positions and programs in this budget reduction are ultimately retained.  Personnel decisions, regarding layoffs and rescission of layoffs, are under the authority and guidance of the SMUSD Board of Education.  As such, SMSF cannot guarantee which specific programs, positions, or teachers will be retained.

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