We are San Marino Campaign Update.

You helped us save over nine positions! This is a tremendous accomplishment given our current COVID-19 pandemic and the market and economic uncertainty.

Even though we fell short of reaching our ultimate goal and the District laid off 4 positions, we are still committed to bringing them back.

We will continue our effort to raise until May 31 knowing that only 4 positions were laid off. To bring back these positions, we need to raise $370,000. We can do this! When we reach this goal, the district can notify these individuals and bring them back.

Donations received before May 31 will receive a one to one match!

Please join us. 

We Are San Marino.

"As a proud 3rd generation grad (grandfather South Pas - San Marino), mom '58, myself '90 - very glad to help out our outstanding teachers."
- We are San Marino Campaign donor and SMUSD alum


Please join our school community in restoring 4 positions across our four San Marino Unified School District (SMUSD) campuses. These positions were recently eliminated due to a large budget deficit faced by our district. If these positions are eliminated, the quality of our children's instruction in core academic classes and special programming will forever be altered.

This reduction in teaching positions resulted from multiple financial stressors upon our district, including mandatory increases in healthcare and pension costs for our teachers. In addition to these rising costs, SMUSD receives decreased public funding due to declines in student enrollment. With expenses increasing and revenue declining, a deficit results. This deficit forced our district to take drastic measures to balance its budget by announcing the elimination of 31 teaching and counseling positions for our next school year.


The San Marino Schools Foundation (SMSF) extended the “We Are San Marino” Campaign to raise $370,000 by May 31st to save these 4 crucial positions

Of the 20 teaching and counseling positions originally a part of this campaign, 4 still need to be restored through this extended fundraising campaign. 9 of these positions were saved through the We are San Marino campaign so far. The other reductions were achieved through retirements and other avenues.

During this pandemic health crisis, providing our teachers and counselors with continuity of employment, and our children with continued high-quality education, is so very important. Even after the We are San Marino campaign ends, the SMSF we will continue to work with our community to raise funds to restore additional positions to maintain critical services such as student health, campus culture, and safety and cleaning. These services are also at risk of reductions in next year's budget.


Our community has the power to save these positions! Please join us! Our first goal is 100% participation.

You can make a difference by making a tax-deductible contribution today. We know everyone is in a different financial position -- some can give more and others can give less. To help you decide what is right for you and your family, SMSF suggests different levels of giving. All parts of our community - families, community members, alumni, teachers, and students - can become engaged today. As a community, we can do this because We Are San Marino!

We also have created giving opportunities to match donor interests and preferences. Although all funds raised will be donated to SMUSD to restore these positions, the ultimate decision to restore any specific teacher or position rests in the hands of SMUSD. SMSF will make every effort to honor your preference of giving. The giving opportunities include:

Your donation will help to ensure that all our children continue to receive a top-quality education and thrive in an educational community that is unique and to be cherished. Please reach out to the Foundation at info@smsf.org or 626.299.7014 if you have questions. We would love to hear from you.

We acknowledge the COVID-19 crisis in our community.  We know the ‘stay at home order’ has added a tremendous amount of uncertainty and strain on our community. The only reason we are asking for these contributions at this time is because we must raise funds to save these 4 crucial positions. Please consider donating today!   

We thank you for engaging and working with us during this pandemic health crisis.

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